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We Are Proud of Our Clients.



We are very proud of our clients. Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to small teams of start-ups while others are well-established. Our clients are not industry specific and Prolific Consulting takes the same foundational approach with our clients as it has cross-industry applicability. Our clients' industries include renewable energy, transportation, hospitality, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, technology and companies from various other industries. 


Some of our clients want us to help them increase market share through targeted business development and others want us to create a sustainable new business model around an exciting new technology,  intellectual property, or marketplace platform.


As a customer you benefit from our unique combination of creativity, know-how, service and value. While your needs may be unique to your industry and situation, we apply the same basic principles:

  • A commitment to understanding & achieving client objective(s)

  • Creative and Flexible Solutions

  • Meet Prescribed Timelines

  • Provide Solution Within Budget


 While most of our Clients have us  under strict non-disclosure ...Some of  our Clients are listed below...

California Manufacturing Technology Corporation



Parallel 6
Bluegill Technologies


Telecommunications on Demand, Incorporated
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